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 Pool Robot Guy is an authorized service center for Hayward robotic pool cleaners 

Robotic Pool Cleaners



TigerShark®2 and TigerShark2 Plus with Remote are the most advanced, automatic, portable pool cleaners in the industry. These cleaners have a preset 7-hour cleaning cycle. They calculate the size of your pool with on-board computers and program themselves for the most efficient cleaning pattern. They even shut off at the end of their cleaning cycle.

AquaVac 500C


New AquaVac® 500C commercial robotic pool cleaner is equipped with state-of-the-art microprocessor-based wall climbing technology, thoroughly cleaning pool floor, walls and waterline. Perfect for New Construction or ADA Compliant pools with zero entry or beach entry designs, the combination of the cleaner belts, wheels, and brushes ensure easy cleaning access and maneuverability over and around VGB Compliant drain covers. With its dual-mode technology, the cleaner allows for a deep, thorough cleaning of 3-hours pool floor, walls and waterline or for pools that need a quick floor-only, 90-minute clean prior to pool opening. AquaVac 500C has several programmable cleaning cycles, all of which can be configured to manage a wide range of pool applications and user preferences. The out-of-water sensor makes AquaVac 500C the ideal solution for zero entry pools.